Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Many people who travel, live in the suburbs of big cities. They miss the advantage of city life.

If this is you, choose lisbon as your travel destination, and get all the city vibes, energy and noise!

When you visit an European city you know that your're going to walk a lot. European cities are full of history, monuments and sights, Lisbon it's not exception.

Do you feel that you need to keep part of your exercise routine even though you don't want to get into a gym?

If so, be sure not to miss Alfama. Why? Stairs … that’s why! A lot of stairs.

There is no better exercise than step!

Be prepare for the beauty that this moment, which is supposed to be to exercise, will give you.

Streets so narrow, windows of different buildings that almost touch each other. Huge staircases that end with sublime views. Impossible to remain indifferent to the quaint

restaurants that you'll pass through and that promise nights of delicacy and fado. Prerpare to get back without your training clothes, and live what this city promises.

Alfama has soul. And you'll be lucky to feel it ...

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