I think all cities built near a river are favored. The reflection of light on the water gives all cities an extra beauty. Lisbon is fortunate enough to have a river from end to end.

The green areas that have been created near the Tejo River, surely invite the practicing of physical exercise. Doing sports on the street is a privilege and Lisbon's weather conditions is a strong reason to

enjoy this chance. We have a very short winter and little rain, and we live literally on the street practically all year.

When in Belém towards Lisboa - Cascais, in a morning jogging with the sun still rising over the city, you can see on the left all the beauty of the Tagus river and on the right the imposing structure and details

of the Jerónimos Monastery.

It’s impossible to be indifferent to it!

However, a few steps later, right by the river, you can see the Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument to the Discoveries), almost falling on the river. Another Must-Stop, this time, to look down at the

floor! May you not miss the Wind Rose, another moment worthy of memory and photography!

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