Praça do Comércio

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

After a power walking by the river, you enter Praça do Comércio.

It is not just the weight of history that one feels when arriving at this square. It is the intensity of life that is there.

Even when if you go into workout mode, discovering a city, you will be forced to stop ... to look ... to contemplate.

Anytime of the day there is an incredible vibe. You will realize that, such as you, there are a lot of people doing their training. It's natural to wonder if they are tourists enjoying the city just like you, or just locals living their daily lives. There are tourists, a lot of them ... with their bags from side to side, with cameras, with a detached look, showing no hurry at all. It’s really a place to photograph. This square is worthy of a memoir.

Then you will have to stop thinking and seeing, and focus entirely on your exercise, while feeling lucky to smell the tide and the city life.

Know that this square was for years the noble entrance to the city of Lisbon. Not surprising!

Please, if you are at this square around 7pm do not leave without seeing the sunset ... the light in the river is amazing.

After visiting this side of the city your curiosity about the next discovery will increase, belive this capital has many unmissable places.

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